Olá, welcome!

I am very grateful for your interest in the Awakened Body products.

Awakened Body came from my passion and inspiration to live in a complete and profound way and for a true expression through the physical body.

The Awakened Consciousness, that is the natural human expression and that that each one of us is in reality, liberates us from the attachement to the insistance that there are physical and psycological limitations that cause disconection and blocks in the body.

Being more in touch with the body, the areas that closed, can be perceived and these can start to expand in a way for the true and profound being to be expressed. 

Sensing and feeling the body as a temple and as a sacred part of us, allows us to respect it and to live it as an awakened expression of what each one of us already is.

For that, the natural care of the body, care and love are essential.

Creating these product and services, is a way for me to support you in this path of interest and discovery of your vehicle. A vehicle called body that deserves and must be cared every day. Because, by taking care of your body you are not only opening the door for a love relationship with yourself, but with life as well and allowing your true and sacred expression. In a loving relationship there is openess, expansion and a letting go of any limiting ilusion that you are separate from everything.  

You are Consciousness, as the body is as well.

I invite you to take care of you with love, openess, pleasure, acceptance and consciousness.

What else is there in life if not each one of us being what we are?

And what magnificent present/gift is this that each one of us have: a body that can express in a free and conscious way?

A hug with love.

I wish you a good journey in this expression of Consciousness through an awakened body.

Who I am and to whom these creative hands belong, that hear an impulse of love for Mother Earth

Born in 1978, in Porto and living in Serra do Açor, in Quinta do Ribeiro do Sardal - Portugal, with my husband, since 2013.

Founder and creater of the Awakened Body, alchemist, witch, therapist, founder and creator of Fogo do Coração, herbalist, farmer with permaculture, translator, co-creator of Awakened Life Project, woman, human.

Products made...

  • in alchemy

  • in profound connection and respect with and for Nature

  • without animal testing

  • with love, dedication and time

  • with profound transformational intention and support to the deep and real being that each one of you are

  • in connection with you

  • mostly, with products that come from Nature and picked by me, here in Serra do Açor, in profound intuition and meditation