A complete day!


Today was a full on day.

Full on, not on many things to do, but in presence and organization.

I sat yesterday to plan the week, leaving of course time for things that come along the way. Not a specific time, but with intention being available for what what's to happen.

I dedicated time to exercise as my period just finished today.

These past days I have been with so much body pain, that exercise consisted only of walks in the land and with Mateus in the mountain around.

Today there was even an opportunity for a small afternoon nap! A delicious one, I must say!

I started experiment sewing some ideas and put them into practice to see if they work, and so far so good! I tried the small bag for loose tea and we still have bags for coffee, nut milk and beans.

Meditation, zoom calls and so many other things.

I practiced some yoga today as I have not been doing it for one year!

I loved it! I love Kassandra classes.

A very intentional Monday for the start of a very intentional week.

May it be the first of many more with this presence and this awareness and love for the human body.