A morning with the body


In a beautiful morning.

The body rises, earlier than anything else.

Alive and awake.

Still dark outside, still dark in the bedroom.

Responding to a call for movement in the fresh wind.

Stretching and breathing.

Looking outside.

Looking within.

There is nothing to see.

There is the world as well.

How is that possible?

As the movement of the earth, the body moves.

As everything transforms itself, the body transforms.

As life is, the gratitude emerges.

For I am grateful of this body.

For the scars and spots.

The skin in its different color.

The waves of pain.

The waves of sorrow.

The waves of happiness.

The waves of movement.

This body can move!

This body can breathe!

Aliveness is the key.

For the body is alive.

So I let the body live, by nurturing it and loving it.

Do I force it?

No, it is just gratitude.

For gratitude is love.

And love is natures body.


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