Anything is possible


Anything is possible!

Do you believe this?

Do you experience this?
There is a great potencial in everyone that wants to be materialized. There is action wanting to be real and alive.
So why do you keep insisting that things are not possible, that potential is to stay dormant?
I get you!

You can get tired of trying and trying and comfort, in a way, can be more appealing.
The comfort of knowing that "I can't make it, I'm weak, I am not strong enough, my body is too weak, ..." 🦠Now think about it, is this even true?

If I would stay with procrastination and laziness I wouldn't be writing this, I wouldn't be exercising everyday, I wouldn't take body care and health as a priority.
It's more important to hear the universe/god than my separate sense of self that insists that limitation is real!
I used to believe that I was not a person that likes to exercise and that is even able to exercise!
I had prove myself (limited self)wrong!

Anything is possible as long as one believes this is the truth.
You don't have to convince yourself of this. Just give a try!
This is not a mantra or an affirmation!

I thought I was not able to keep a body practice schedule and that my body was to weak. I scheduled a weekly body practice according to what is the most indicated to my health situation and I am doing it.
Because anything is possible!

What is it that you think you are body limited in?
What can you do differently?

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