I hope you're well in this last April's day.

An April with rain that is so essential for the soil and the plants.
A month full of sowing and planting and caring for what is already on the ground.Around here the shiny, silvery mullein embellishes dots here and there between the screaming green of the grass that grows under our eyes.

The hawthorn dresses themselves with leaves like a rebirth from death.
The freesian bulbs have stopped blooming and the soapy plants are now beginning to appear.
All the cabbages burst, even those I thought could no longer live!Everything is reborn from winter, even in a spring that is sometimes so cold and that seems out of season.But it's still a mystery every day.Maybe it rains, maybe it doesn't.

Maybe it's sunny, maybe he won't show up.
Maybe it's day to work outside in the field, or maybe it's day to be inside cooking or turning plants into medicine and body care products.

Maybe today is a day of sitting outside on the ground or on the park bench meditating or doing just that, but inside.
The word "maybe" reveals mystery.

Because these last few weeks are proof of that: how one's weekly activity plan has become another completely different one.
Because presence is just that, an answer in the moment.
An answer that can be different in the same situation on different days.
Not because one is going with the flow, but because evolution is taking place, development.
And the mystery is real.

For now, I'm just gonna go out there and pick up some broom and put it in the car and in the entrance of the house. A custom that many people continue to do, some not knowing the reason and some knowing that they don't want the "devil" in their lives.

For me, loving the Celtic and national traditions of Beltane, I choose to go and pick some Broom sticks and flowers, put them everywhere and not only on my altars.May these Broom plants at my door represent my commitment to the truth, the Consciousness that I am, the Love that tucks us in and the glow of a fire that burns in my chest and that moves me and that is life.

I wish you all a beautiful May.

And may Beltane be the celebration of the truth and of the profound joy that we all are and that guides us, like a star in the sky. An exponential joy that is really the joy of being alive, accepting life as it is and questioning what has to be questioned.

A big hug with love,
Raquel PW