This man is a true inspiration to me, literally every time I see him.

I don't know him that much but, but since the beginning, the resilience, strength and cycling capacities have been always captivating me.

I can see that I have these same capacities, but a lot of times I insist that they are either not real at all or not something that I could express!

So untrue!

An intention for a longtime, that I kept postponing because of conditioning, is to use my bike. To go here and there with the bike. To cycle. To exercise in these mountains with the bike.

Nothing can stop me, that's the truth.

I just have to pick the bike, fill the tires with air and move!


That's an amazing word that can be more than just a word!

Determined to keep it in action, tomorrow the bike is coming out!

The air is going to pump up this body of mine and so much more than the body! Because an intention can just be that, and for it to be real things needs to acted upon and materialized!


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