Body exercise


This is one of the themes I like to explore, not only with myself but also with others.

This is not competition, at least for me, but having a physical practice is an act of love for ourselves, for life. Honoring this sacred gift of being here and now in the World.

How many times do we want or want to leave this life? I raise my hand! βœ‹πŸ½ Because life is difficult, or because of traumatizing situations, or because there is a deep disconnect with life in this body.

What would life be like if each of us accepted not only the body we are in, but the life we ​​have?
What would it be like if each of us were available for what he is?

One of the things that definitely helped me in this acceptance was, and is, physical practice.
Sweating, feeling parts of the body that normally, in a lethargic state do not feel, overcoming supposed physical and psychological limits, getting in touch with a deep joy for having finished an hour of exercise even if you do not want to have done it, realizing that limitation is in fact an illusion and that everything is possible and love the body and life, but wanting more and better, accepting things as they are.

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