Body with scars and wounds - how to love it?


book cover- Nicki Naomi "From scars to beauty"

A body.
Equal and different from so many others.
The same in its essence, different in its particularities.
Acceptance or not.

Do you accept your body as it is?

Look closely at the mirror, from every angle.
And see yourself as you are.
In curves, colors, shapes and textures.
In smells and sensations.
In what you emanate and feel.

And after seeing all that you see, look deeper.
In a dimension that is not visible to naked eyes.
That you see with your eyes closed.
That is read without filters.
That smells good up close.

And then, come back to your form, in the mirror.
And see yourself again.
Look deeply and read.
In your beauty.
In beauty that is not yours, but that you are, simply, as everything is.
In the depth of a story that is particular to you, but with which a lot of people can relate.

Embrace yourself in this story.
Embrace the whole that you express.
Embrace the World.
Embrace the loving Nature that expands every time you love yourself, in every detail you dedicate yourself to.
In love that is the true magic of a physical body.
Embraced by a spiritual being.
But nothing is separated from anything.

Because body is spirit and spirit is body.
And the body goes beyond this functional and magical organic mass.

Give yourself to this magic.
Give yourself the scars, the spots, the pimples, cellulite and hair.
Give yourself.
Give yourself to the love and divinity of this wonderful and expansive being that you are.

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