I compare

You compare.
He She compares.
We compare.
They compare.

I believe we can thrive and flourish by being who we are without any comparison.

When I was young, I was constantly comparing myself to the girls my age, who were at my school, or even the photographs in the magazines.

When I began to publish texts and photographs on the Internet, I was constantly comparing myself with other publications.


> everything that is expressed by other people is always better than what I have to offer
> everything that is shown/shared/expressed by other people is real
> Everyone is happy except me; I have to improve, do more, and do what these people do to be happy
> other women are prettier than me
> I'm not enough
> I do not have any value

These beliefs led me to live with constant anxiety and tension, not to believe in the human and real essence, to think that I was a project of constant improvement and to act through that thought, to isolation, to avoid deep, authentic and honest and express a true expression of love.

Comparison is a chronic and compulsive need to see the other as a reference - many experts call it the Social Comparison Syndrome. Comparison is an enemy of joy, transparency, truth and creativity.

Necessity and eagerness to be always well and to show the "good" to everyone and at all times

But in "real life," human experiences are very varied and rich, and the reality is that the deep dimension of who we are is One Consciousness, One Being, One Life. There is no other.

So, comparing becomes unreal and a waste of time!

Being real and embracing everything that one is, is invigorating.

Some practices that have helped me embrace the true nature of being human:

> meditation
> not having any reference point
> celebrate what one is and what one does every day
> minimize the time spent in instagram and facebook and select what to see
> being humble
Mother Teresa - "If you are humble nothing will touch you, neither praise nor disgrace, because you know what you are."
> to be in the service

And you, do you compare yourself with other people?