Cutting the hair or more than that?


Hello, darlings!

So many times the idea of ​​cutting hair has invaded me and I did not want to ignore it! I cut it a little bit on the tips a few times, full of joy and vigor, but cutting more than the "tips" always seemed a little scary. The truth is that sometimes, all this contemplation transcends the hairs themselves!

I've always been aware in the way I relate to hair, not in a very deep way, but that changed somehow a few years ago. My hair was always taken care of by my mother and my grandmother and then by me. A link between these generations. Feminine intimacy of deep love.

For me, lovingly caring for the hair is cutting, moisturizing, massaging, cutting, braiding with intent to materialize.
The desire to cut short hair was a very present issue: where does the desire to cut so radically a hair with which I relate so lovingly, why look different than it had at the time? I felt there was something I wanted to leave, an attachment to a heavy, dark, closed image. An impulse that was getting stronger, closer to the birthday that a year ago was, somehow, traumatizing. It was a desire for a great change, to let go of what no longer served. A desire to be light.

But cutting hair does not make me lighter. The relationship with an object does not change because we change something, but it changes because we want to change. But something happens when that intention joins an action. Action that accompanies a will to change, not wanting something old, which is not healthy (physical and not only). Drop an illusion. Drop a constant attachment to something heavy, that does not allow development, something that until now has vibrated and that do not want to vibrate more. I do not want to live by the eyes of darkness!

It is a deep joy - not to survive, but to shine; is a highlight of inner beauty that one wants to express, who wants to be! And that can be attractive and inspiring for other people to shine and be in their depth.

I leave you with a question: what is your relationship with the hair and what it means, and consequently, what relationship do you have with life?

I have researched immensely on the topic and state it with my experience when I think of further cutting the hair. It is important that when these contemplations are made, that they are a place of freedom, of meditative state and that we do not dwell on these issues in a mental and calculated way, with the expectation of having a right answer, whatever it is, to the end of a certain time.

I realized that this question, like any other, does not have to be something too big or bigger than what it is. But when attachment is large, simple things can become a seven-headed bug (or more!). The attachment to an image of beauty agreed by advertising, films, culture.

What is really beautiful? A woman with short hair or long hair? A woman who relates freely to her appearance is she or a woman constantly preoccupied with her appearance? A woman who looks after herself for self-esteem or a woman who cares for what others think of you?

I await your comments and experiences with this topic.

I embrace you with love,

Raquel PW