Doing without the need for approval


Wanting to get approval from someone else - wanting to be accepted, wanting to have a round of applause or a favorable judgment.

Is this so important?

How many times do you see yourself hesitating in the choices you've actually made, because you feel very strongly that this is the choice to make, because you begin to think about what other people will think of you, of your choice? Is this really the ideal formula for a choice to be made?

I do not think so! In fact, there is no formula at the time of a choice; there is no list of pros and cons of one or several choices that will make someone follow the right path. There is only intuition, no personal impulse, and a real and mysterious direction on a path that is more important than the place of arrival.

On December 27, I finely followed my heart and acted after a choice made long ago: I cut my hair, not with a zero machine, but with a machine 3!

If you remember, in the text I shared last October, the desire was there, but also the fear.

But what do I want to follow: fear or a deep desire for change?

And so it was, with the help of my friend Lotte, on the first day of a year-end retreat, I cut my hair.

It was so easy, simple and a quick and magical result.

Because it was not a wild impulse, because the idea grew in me, because I did not do it by reaction, because I did not ask the opinion of anyone, because I accepted the answer of my husband when I told him that I would do it, even if it was not a support to my decision, because I wanted to cut my hair and I did not think about future reactions, from whoever, I barely cut my hair and looked at the mirror, and I saw only beauty and consistency.

Outward beauty, extremely feminine beauty, courage, strength and determination, confidence and deep joy and expansion.

For me, it was a surprise not to hesitate for a second when the machine cut all the big and small pieces of hair. It was a surprise to love the result - looking at myself in the mirror, now, I see so much more than before. It was a surprise to feel so feminine. It was a surprise to see the reaction of joy and support of the women. It was a surprise to see the reaction of astonishment and few words of men. It was a surprise the inspiration this act had on other women.

Yes, cutting hair so short is something that can be shocking because it is different, but in the end, cutting hair so short, it is more than cutting hair, it is just an acting heart, without hearing the voices of doubt that come of myself and of others and of the need of approval of others and of myself.

Because, after all, what is essential? Or what moves us, which is intrinsic and natural to us (LOVE, DEEP ESSENCE, EMBRACEMENT OF THE REAL PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION OF SPIRIT, CONSCIENCE, GOD, GOD) or trying to keep ideas of how things or people should be?

I leave you the question: what do you feel the deep impulse to do, but that you have limited or ignored until today?

See the video here.

I found this article that I loved: the 19 things that women who shave their hair do not want to hear - hilarious!

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I just wanted to share that I offered some of my marjoram-braided hair with a touch of marigold on the altar of the retreat, a small piece in the sacred place of the feminine/masculine here on our land and at the sacred place of ancestry in our land as well.