Honoring the body


Always an invitation to not go with emotional experiences or any reaction mode.

The truth is that I am not this body.

And a lot is experienced in the body and through the body.

I am not the pressure, the old blood, the parts of the body that I feel and the ones that I don't feel.

I am not the shock at closedness and to one view only.

I am not all the past reactions of anger and the willingness to be a rebel.

I am not the mirrors that are presented to me.

I am not family patterns.

I am not closed hears and isolation.

I am not the dreams that I have a night.

Yet, seeing all of this, shows tendencies and normal non conscious actions and behaviors that I tend to go with.

But there is a choice!

It's very simple, as one is not a victim (=having no choice): to not identify with anything that arises and to just be. To respond in truth, being truthful and aware that no one is their body and yet one tends to identify with every single thought, sensations, emotions and everything that arises.

Let's honor this body presence in this age and time with the full spectrum of human existence, as the body is precious and needs care, but one is not only this.

There is beauty in embracing the whole.

There is peace and joy, calmness and togetherness.

There is true Love and a deep gratitude when one respond instead of reacting.

There is nothing to do and nothing to change.

The new day arises as a new opportunity to live and enjoy another beautiful day in any shape and form, color and flavor that it comes to light.