In Love, Gratitude and Surrender - in the company of a nettle infusion


Dear you,

First of all, let me tell you how grateful I am because you read these texts, these contemplations.

Very grateful for you being there, on that side and receive these shares!

And it is of gratitude and of other things that I want to speak to you today.

Over the years I said thank you.

> because it is part of a good education
> because it is the answer to a favor that is made to me
> because it must be like that
> why not?

Then came the time to question this obligation (so I felt it at the time) to say thank you for everything and anything and everyone. Because I was told that this word had a less positive weight. After all, it seemed like I was "forced" to do something for something/someone outside of me. That there was a duty, a commitment, an imposition that would not come from my gut, that was not natural for me and that I did not understand. I did it because it had to be that way. "Thank you people for confirming that I am alive and that I have value." After all, it was worth living - to have the validation of the people around me, so I had value, so I realized the meaning of being alive.

I was told that the word had so much negativity that I should exchange it for "I am grateful for ...". Because nobody should force anyone to anything.

I began to feel that more than believing other people's opinions, the deepest thing would be to dive into this word in a way that it could be personified and incorporated, to understand it in a holistic way in my experience.

And so I did!

I gave myself to GRATITUDE, with open heart and open-mind.

In LOVE, in curiosity and in profound SURRENDER to an essence that I knew I was far from perceiving it.

In a strong intention of understanding and daily expression of this word, I began an endless journey. In a constant discovery of so many faces that gratitude has. Of being surprised with the several expressions and with what comes with that.

After all, what did I find out?

> that nobody is obliged to anything; no one is a victim of whatever, for there is always a choice. I, you and we all have the power of choice and decision
> that it is easy to misrepresent or misunderstand what is explained to us
> that words have an energetic weight imposed on them by the experiences each one has with them
> that I can create my reality by looking at situations with interest and curiosity rather than expecting a specific result from them
> that things are not always what they seem
> that gratitude is love and surrender
> that gratitude can be the result of surrender to love, of love in surrender to life/ to the unknown
> that gratitude is not a thing
> that if there is no imposition of ideas or pre-establishment of concepts associated with a word, there is freedom for a true dip in that word
> that gratitude is more than one word

I did not get a concept to expose you or some definition that I have experienced.

I just know that gratitude is something present and that I intend to always be. And that does not always express itself in the same way. That could be a phone call, a gift, a letter, a smile, a walk, a self-love ritual, a tear, a goodbye, a hello and even a chocolate cake or a cold ice cream in the summer!

I just know that gratitude is part of my nightly routine.

And that in this routine, I stop worrying, to identify with fears, nervousness, anxiety and anger.

When there is connection and true vision of this quality that is inherent to us, there is only LOVE.

Because there was SURRENDER, without expectations, in presence.

So, what else is there to do or be than to wake up every day IN LOVE, GRATITUDE AND SURRENDER?


Write every day, in your notebook, 3 things for what you are greatful for.

Observe what you feel before, during, and after this exercise, and if you choose this practice as an integral part of your routine, take a close look at what this practice brings you.


My gift to you, as a thank you for being there and reading these words, is this guide of morning and night routines.

These are the routines that make sense to me right now.

I hope they inspired you to be able to create your own in order to support the gratitude, the love and the surrender that you are and that you can express in everything that you do.

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With love,

Raquel PW *