Lunch today


A good simple meal that enlightened the day.

A simple salad with freshly picked greens from the garden and wild edible greens.

Not everything came from the garden and it's ok!

Beans and olives, carrots, spices and a lot of fire and mixing.

And the fire that cooked it's essential.

And the fire is transformation.

And the fire can not be really avoided!


How to prepare this delicious bowl:


Soak beans (I soaked these for 3 days as it is so much better for@my digestion!) and cook them in a pressure cooker (saves gas and it's faster!).

Make a sauce with soaked caju nuts and soaked sunflower seeds, adding water and spices to taste (I made sure to add smoked paprika!).

Add all the cut raw greens to the beans and very thin sliced carrots.

Mix everything and add the sauce on top.

I put some olives on top and beer yeast.

It was delicious and so spot on for the hot day today! 🔥

What did you have for lunch today?


Can't wait to show you the wild edible greens book! It's almost out!



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