Movement can be a simple task, a simple thing to do.

And yet, human beings can make it very complicated.

Depends of the humans, of course, but if you look at your own experience what do you see?

If there is the will to move, movement is easier to happen.

When there is procrastination, lethargy and laziness, movement can be non existent.

At the end, it seems to be a choice.

I am talking only about body movement.

A simple walk can be easy to do or not, depending in the physical condition of each person.

In this day, I chose to walk as I knew not only was important for the body to move, but for my own mental health. After an hour meditation, the joy of walking through different plants and the acceptance that everyday is new, even if I know the track. As everyday is a new day that each one of us wakes up for evolution and transformation. Waking up for simplicity and light, human experience and variety, beauty and difference. Joy and sadness. And so many more life expressions!

Why wouldn't I want to move?

Life is movement!

And movement is life.

And in movement can be stillness.

And stillness can be quite.

And in being quiet and still, I found movement.

And in movement, richness.

As for me, adding to the @boneandbodyclinic stretching classes, I set up a daily movement challenge: for 3 months I am doing 10 min of different abs exercises. I will share it in pictures with you for accountability and who knows, inspiration.


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