Another MWC done this week ✅

Mountain Woman Care

⛰ 💃🏻

A partnership between Birgit van Dalsum and Awakened Body came to life and from that a program called MWC (mountain woman care) was created.

Awakened Body (AB) came from my passion and inspiration to live in a complete and profound way and for a true expression through the physical body.

Inspired by that and wanting to express her support to the women that live in Serra do Açor, specially in the Benfeita area, Birgit kindly collaborated with AB and together we are offering this program to a lot of the women that live here.

I am grateful for being a veicule for whatever wants to happens during these 2h sessions and the work starts before the women arrive.

Connecting heart to heart, words, crystals, plants, grids, songs and sounds come in a supportive and beautiful way.

The intuition leads the way.


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