Nature is medicine


Who doesn't have a small something hiding in the sleeve for a general malaise that often happens in the family?

One that I never forget is the homemade carrot syrup. Good for sore throats and to enhance the glow in the eyes of anyone!Very easy to do: just cut a large, good-quality carrot into slices (round) and spread them on a plate. On top, sprinkle with brown sugar and pour water so that all carrot slices are covered. Everything by eye ladies and gentlemen! Leave to macerate until the next day until the liquid becomes thick. And this liquid is the wonder syrup.

Simple ah?
And like this, there are so many more!
Just ask your parents or grandparents or even remember what "natural remedy" was used at home when someone had a cold, a swollen eye or an insect sting.Natural medicine is old, practical, simple, mysterious at times and very effective.

But what does this mean? That there is a pill with nature inside? That is a special ultra mega ointment that heals everything? That the garden fairies come with abracadabra powders to do magic in your body?

mədəsinɐ, mədisinɐ
female name

art or science that aims to prevent, cure or mitigate disease and promote health
form of treatment; medicine, remedy
in a figure state what remedies or alleviates an illness

Well, I experience Nature, in plants, in crystals, in animal presence, in water, in air, sun and moon, as prevention, cure, or attenuation of disease, maladies, and malaise.

Using them directly, or transformed.

For example, instead of sniffing the elderflower, choose to take an infusion of this flower or a few drops of tincture from it, at the end of summer, before the arrival of the cold weather, prevents the colds and the flu. Allied to honey and ginger, we have a fantastic prevention medicine.

A walk in the woods does miracles to a brain or eyes that are tired of looking at a computer.

A dip in the cold water of a stream early in the morning wakes up every cell in the body, revitalizes the body and in combination with a careful diet and daily exercise is a form of direct natural medicine.

An intestinal disorder can be attenuated or even cured with the use of a digestive water of chamomile, lemon balm and fennel and with the use of crystals such as morganite or sodalite.

For example, a floral essence of hawthorn works subtly as an ally in times of mourning and loss, leaning on acceptance and detachment from that state and openness to deep joy.

It is important to realize that these are not formulas that serve all cases and all people. Each case is a case, each person has certain circumstances and the causes for different health issues vary immensely.

For now, and in a very simple way, I invite you to give yourself to this natural medicine.

Before you get sick, prevent.
And in case you have any mild illness, look for a natural solution.

If you know of any medicine that your family uses, please share it with me!
Natural medicine is really this; is not static, there are many different forms of using it and it's an ancestral wisdom that is usually passed from person to person, from illness to illness, from mouth to mouth.

That these popular traditional medicines be kept and that they can be revolutionized with the medicinal experiences of each person.

With love,
Raquel PW *