Not moving


For the last 3 days I have been moving less than this little fellow here!

Not so much physical exercise happening with this body of mine.

With this moon time (menstruation) the levels of energy are so low that even getting out of bed has been challenging.

I can see the movements of guilt of not doing what I planned for the day or even feeling useless and lazy in the mist of so many things to create and to respond to, and not doing so.

But even with all these movements going on what is my response?

I rest when rest is needed and I respond to what I can respond. Not indulging with whatever thoughts of identification with what I am not. And yet, I see them and embrace them as what is being experienced.

I am human and part of that are a million experiences full of colors, smells and textures.

Life is rich like this and what makes it so abundant is the variety and the simplicity of what is.

The body is tired and needs rest.

The body is alive.

There is this and that.

There is, period!

It says nothing about me and my body.

And the only thing that I can do is to respond.