There are times when it is obvious that something has to be dropped.

Whether physically or mentally or spiritually.

While on this journey of healing my intestines, I realized that healing a part of the body entails much more than that part: the totality of being in its different expressions and languages. A truly holistic healing.

And part of the healing process is recognizing that which no longer serves the evolution of both the human being concerned and humanity in general.
Because this journey is personal, there are individuals who are sick and seeking a path of healing and it is also broader in the sense of touching, having an influence on more than just the individual.

In this recognition of the shadow, of what is no longer useful and in its embrace, it is clear that we all go through the same. It may have different expressions, different colors and flavors, smells and appearances, but there is something common for everyone: a deep desire to change, to want to be who you are, embodied in a healthy body that supports the true expression of light/Consciousness/God/Universe/Love that everyone is.

One of the insights I had during treatment in India was the insistance on the attachment on certain things. Including what attachment means, how to detach, and how the detachment process looks like.

Drop, drop, drop.

¥ drop what?
¥ who wants to quit?

When you are in a physical process (intense or not), everything seems special or more difficult than something that is not physical. Because the physical looks more real than anything else. Because you see, because it's matter. But is this true?

Embodiment, the embracing of life is Consciousness, that which is not seen is Consciousness.
Everything arises from Consciousness and is itself.

So why complicate?

Simplicity always!

There is something in the body that wants to be discarded: old intestinal crystallizations. Massages promote this disposal and natural medicine as well, but by dropping ideas of what it is and when it is or will be done and if it will ever happen, we are truly dropping it.
Because at that moment there is no attachment to the illusion that limitation and separation are real.

Responding at every moment to what is requested in Love, by Love.
And in this detachment, listening, seeing and feeling without expectations.

Realizing that in this case what is no longer useful is the attachment to the idea that perfection is essential, that I am nobody if I am not and if I do everything perfectly, that abandonment by other people is the consequence of someone not being perfect.

"Start before you are ready" - Marie Forleo

Perfection is an illusion.

Wanting to express yourself in your totality is real, wanting to be Love is real, beauty in constant response is real, the different expressions in the world, whether human or not, are real.

"But this revolutionary act of treating ourselves tenderly can begin to undo the aversive messages of a lifetime." - Tara Brach

I commit to being Love only. In treating this body with love and care, attention. To not be the stories of the past, the voices I heard and still hear of undeservedness, pain and anger, fear.

And you?
Are you looking for perfection?
How is this perfection expressed?

What do you commit to?
Fill your cup of tea and join me here.