Invitation to breathe.
Breathing deep.
Breathe air.
Breathe life.

After events that can be traumatizing or limiting in a way, attachment to sadness and a depressive state is normal.And there is a time when a different choice is made.
Choose life. With all its normal changes.
Choose to breathe life in its totality!Despite all the fears that arise.
Choose life.

Being in this body, embracing all its areas and all that implies being alive.
Embrace the pain, the joy, the pleasure, the insecurity, the security, the sensations, the changes, the cycles and everything.
Embrace healing in an acceptance of the body as it is.
Embrace the choice to be in this world now living in this infinite temple of love, courage, resilience, divinity, organic functioning and mystery.
Because the body is mysterious.
Even with science to the mix, yes mystery. It is unique mystery and wisdom.Recognize the body.
Because he is changing.

Healing brings down any security, any thought of "I know my body 100% and I know how it responds to this or that situation." How about letting the mystery act?
What is known is no more.

The pleasure unravels.
Pleasure blends with one's own body.
Pleasure is the body.

And pleasure happens in little things.

Pleasure that doesn't just focus on the genitals.
And it's in them too.
A pleasure to be alive.
An explosion that is not restricted to one location.
An explosion that is no longer an explosion, but an expansion.
That is a pulsation that extends to all parts of the body and to all areas of life.
That is embodiment.
That are dreams come true.
Pleasure is power.
Pleasure nourishes.
It goes beyond a sensation.
Source of power and information, wisdom.
Honor who you are.
Pleasure is self respect and respect for life, for the earth, for the whole.
Pleasure is Consciousness/God.To recognize pleasure is to live in pleasure!

Fear is disembodiment.
Because when I feel scared I literally get out of my body.
Looking down and seeing everything happening.
Fear opresses pleasure if one chooses identification with fear.
A defense mechanism, of survival.

And you?
What is your choice? Do you live in a body of pleasure embracing life or choose to ignore the beating of your own heart?

What are the consequences?