Self Care


The expression "self care" is used a lot now a days. It is not even translated into Portuguese.

I use it myself.

But I feel it is used very lightly and in a king of an obligation like something that has to be done or you are not a good person or you are not doing something for yourself.
You have to take care of yourself to grow up, to be someone.

I understand that being in a postmodern era, self-centeredness, is the apogee of our day.
But then what is self-care really?

Cuddles to ourselves? Soaking baths with bath salts and essential oils? Nature walks? A hot tea?
In my view, this is just a small part of self care.

What if the care of the whole is self-care? What if self-care is the care of the whole? Revolutionary ah? And I'm sure some buttons were pressed just reading these two questions!
Because my button was pressed a long time ago!

But the truth is that it is enough of bein selfish and self-centered as if the world revolved around us!

And at the same time, each of us is essential for change to happen! So this world is cared for and loved. And we are this world, so we have to take care of ourselves!
But the difference is in the result, by what moves us to self-care:

- reaction to traumatic events, the state of the planet, government decisions; "Nobody wants to know anyone," "It's everyone for themselves," "This is a dog world, so I have to survive." Result: selfish self-care.

- I love living and I love this planet, so I do everything for me to shine on a bright planet. If I do not take care of myself, I do not and am not my deepest expression. Taking care of myself with love I know that I am taking care of something bigger than myself and that at the same time transcends me, is and is beyond me, because I am not separated from this world and everything around me. Result: actions in love, constant brightness that embraces all conditions and experiences, care for the whole in actions not self-centered but with a broad perspective.

What I experience is that self-care from a broad perspective that I am not detached from everything and everyone, not identifying with selfishness, expresses itself in various forms: yes, it can be baths, hiking in nature, meditation time, a journey away to do deep healing body treatments, a daily physical practice, but at the same time can be times of service to great causes, such as volunteering in a nature protection association, planting trees in burned areas, sharing information and research about mining in our country and consequent choices that are in accordance with the decision to love and protect this planet, to meditate not because you have something wrong that has to be fixed, but because a sky needs all the stars to shine.

Because being the transformation, the change, being who we are in our essence, we are not only working on ourselves as individual beings, but we are also making and being the change in the world.

We are inspiring and encouraging the expression of the deepest and purest essence in all as well.

Being love in all that is done without connotations of self love or love for the planet.
Because love is love.
Love is not selfish.
Love is the expression of a fire that moves us all.
And the fire is not selfish.
Love is not selfish.


Fill up your tea cup aind join me here.