A couple of days ago, I was writing the intention for that day and the word that kept coming to me was SERVICE. But when I was about to write it down I didn't know really how to say it: being of service/being in service or being service?

Service reminds me of availability, of openness, willingness and care.

To the whole, to "something" bigger than me (as a separate sense of self), to other people, to Nature, to a cause that I believe in, to Myself as being the whole, to Love, to Consciousness, to neighbors, to family, to whatever needs attention and response.

But is it even necessary to discriminate what is the target of the service?

Because from one perspective there isn't even a separation between the one that does the service and the one that receives it, because there is service, period. And the fact is that one makes actions coming from a place of surrender to service, or better, with a "non position position" of being the one that is so giving or so available.

One is.

One is whole.

One is the different expressions of the same source.

And sometimes even contemplating this word seems that the word itself dissolves, as in service there is no doer. As this word is only a word that had to exist to express a specific action of Love.

So service, right now, seems a "non word word"!

Does this make sense?

What do you think?