Yes, this is a picture of me not feeling that great, but profoundly happy!

How is this possible?! Well, life is like this: ups and downs, feeling great, feeling not so great. But the important thing is ones relationship with these ups and downs!

Does it matter at the end how one feels?

I still exercised on this day even though I was feeling crap!

I still went for a walk even though I felt crappy (in fact, that was the best medicine for "crapyness"!).

I still surrendered to the push of my husband even though I didn't want to, because I know he was supporting the best of me.

See, at the end, it doesn't matter how one feels like! But what action supports the best of each one.

What matters is how one responds and where one responds from.

From victimization or from the freedom that one is?

By letting the fire burn one lives freedom!