The illusion of separation has consequences


Went to bed last night with a broken heart.

Because another person was murdered in a brutal way, with minor consequences for the killer.

It was seen and recorded. Even though It is unclear what happened before and after the video was taken, this is shocking.

It shocks me how we humans still see ourselves separate from everyone and everything.

Accepting the truth that there is no separation and that one's true nature is Love changes one's life completely.

And that can be scary and exciting as well.

The pain in the world is felt.

The love in the world is felt.

Every action causes a reaction (response). So what do we choose to do everyday of our life?

What do you choose to be? An illusionary separate human being or an open and sincere heart that expresses passion for life and for diversity?

Rest In Peace George Floyd and every being that is killed just because... (the blind desire for "power over").


#awakenedbody #georgefloyd #nonseparation #onewitheverything