Are you listening to your body?


Today I realized that I heard my body more deeply than ever.
But what does this mean?

I read a lot on the internet and in magazine articles or newspapers that it is very important to listen to the body. Listen deeply. Whenever I read this or someone said it, I interpreted it as "my body complains of pain, so I stop doing what I am doing or I will not do what I was going to do" or "my body is tired afterwards of today's physical practice, so tomorrow I have an excuse not to exercise "or" I'm full of energy today, so I'm going to chop wood until I can no longer "or" my body is asking for chocolate, that's what I'm going to give you. " And the examples can continue. Now, these examples have their truth, but the perspective that I had years ago did not contemplate the totality of the body.

In my view, a body is not only physical, neither mine nor me, nor limited, but it is also this wonderful and mysterious physicality!

As in all the most diverse situations, we often look at them through the eyes of social, cultural, gender and personal conditioning. And many others, we hear the body so deep and purity that we know perfectly how to respond.

The hearing of the body can be made through a traumatic experience and its physical-psychological and even energetic consequences. And if that happens, we can neither hear the body or misrepresent your information.

So, how to listen EVEN MORE deeply the body, without filters or judgments?

"Feel what you feel. Do not deny what you experience.
Accept what you feel. Do not judge.
Opening for the body itself. Strong will to hear.
Trust in the body. Every cell is on your side; each one of them is an ally.
To value spontaneity. The emocons, cells and the brain are altered. It is best not to be the cop who wants to stop the river of change by trying to block it with fixed and static beliefs.
Appreciate what the body wants to do. Rest, activity, different types of food, pleasure, sex, ... "Deepak C.

Here are some tips:

- Keep a meditative daily practice to stop. And when it comes to stopping, I do not talk about doing it physically, but mentally. Of course, stopping mental activity is indeed challenging, since we are thinking beings, but meditation allows us to slow down and exercise non-identification with any and all thoughts that arise or even physical sensations.

- Maintain a daily physical practice. In my experience it is essential, when there is some resistance at this point, to choose an activity with which the person relates or likes minimally so that it is not so easy to give up. By creating this habit, it will be easier to make a variation of practices and even gain the taste.

- Maintain a daily practice of walking or contact with Nature. When I contacted Nature in various ways, I discovered that I am part of it, that I am somehow, and that in this way, I discover myself bodily and in totality, in pure expression. That there is an embodying, an accepting and letting myself be in this body, without doubts or judgments.

- Keep a notebook with notes on body care you can do, listing every day gratitude for the body, menstrual cycles, energetic periods or lethargy, physical practices, water consumption and daily amount and effects of these care, food and finally, signs that we can feel / hear / perceive in the body.

- Connect and cultivate intuition. We all have intuition, but we stubborn in not listening! Stop to listen and feel without filters of "I should" because intuition arises from a place or is gentle and soft, truly connected with what is most important and necessary.

- List and cultivate practices of holistic self-love. This includes time for us, for mime, rest and relaxation. In these heights of self-love and attention is when we can connect with our bodies and listen to them deeply. Our health and sanity are sure to thank you!

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What I realized today was that I felt physical fatigue when I was in resistance to the activity that I had proposed to do next. I could have interpreted this weariness as the next task was not the right one for that moment, but in this case it was just a big not something that no one made me do, something I love so much to do, something I'm afraid of to face, to something that is so simple, to something that is pure of expression of love.

Not everything is linear. Not everything is easy to classify. Practice is essential and willing to listen, to listen deeply, (re) knowing this body as something sacred in deep gratitude for what the body is and expresses.

And much more there is in listening to the body. But stay for other blogs.

For now, explore how much you hear your body and how much you act in accordance with this deep opening to a sacred temple that has both mystery and beauty and physicality.

I embrace you with love,