To Breathe


Inhale, exhale ...

Inhale, exhale ...

Do this several times, in a conscious way, following the path of air into and out of your body.

Inhale, exhale ...

Inhale, exhale ...


Sometimes I forget that I breathe, that I have to breathe to live.

Have you noticed how sometimes your breath is very weak, as hardly any air enters and leaves your body?

Well, this was constant in me and still frequent.

I have suffered from asthma and when I practice more demanding physical exercise (called cardio) my thoracic capacity is quite limited.

Inspired by this wind that is so powerful and special and making a strong and conscious choice to want to breathe deeper and deeper, here's what I do:

> every day, I breathe in a conscious way (noticing the entrance and exit of air in my body)

> I go outside and breathe deeply pure air (or almost pure)!

> I thank the natural breathing capacity my body has

> I meditate

> I exercise my body with practices that I love and others that I don't like that much

> I use crystals that support full breathing, not only by breathing itself but also by the inspiration of life in its totality (like sodalite, rose quartz, rose labradorite and carnelian)

> I make inhalations of mint and/or eucalyptus

> I drink infusions of elderberry flower, lemon verbena and lemon balm

> I massage with the index fingertips the temples with a little bit of lavender essential oil

> I write every day in my notebook 3 things for which I am grateful for

> I accept love that is expressed and express love

> I spend quality time with my husband, friends and family

> I walk barefoot in Nature

> I communicate with Nature

> I spend quality time with my cats

> I communicate/connect with people who are far away and who are important for me

With these practices, breathing deeper and deeper, I realized that

+ To breathe is to love to live +

+ Breathing is loving +

And you, how do you breathe?

And how much do you breathe?

Here's the Tea of this week, elderberry flower and lemon balm.

Come, fill up your cup and join me!

With love,

Raquel PW *