Yule celebration!


Yule, Winter Solstice has arrived!

Yule arrived.

In the magic of light and darkness.

On a very long day.With a lit candle in the forest, in connection with the spirits of all present beings.

Walk through the dry oak leaves and holly boughs.

Acceptance for what is dark, what is hidden and what wants to be shown.

The full moon shows up, illuminating the path.

Holding hands in sorority, without fear and with an open heart.

We walk, we are.

I embrace all the darkness that I am and embrace all the darkness I see.

I celebrate the sunrise, the light and the gentle warm embrace that comes.

I am the silence I hear in the forest and in this silence I make a meditative reflection in what was 2018, in what wants to be left, in what wants to persist in 2019 and also be born.

I open my arms to a new, prosperous, abundant and brilliant new cycle.

I lighten my eyes with the magic of the stars and the purity of all the celestial and natural spirits.

I embrace this body that sustains me, this physical body that extends to everything that visibly surrounds me, because I am all that surrounds me.

And I smile, because it was a full year and because full is next year.

A new cycle of mystery materialized and of a lot of light.

Let us bring together this new open heart cycle, in everything that has been and in all that is.

I embrace you all in love, with a delicious infusion of thyme, nettle, pepper, cinnamon and ginger,

Raquel PW

P.S. - Today is day of tea. Have one with me here.