"Flying soap" - rosemary and nettle soap

Cleanses, hydrates and calms your skin and hair with naturally handmade soap, manufactured with organic oils and plant butters, herbs from Quinta do Ribeiro do Sardal and some spices.

My natural moisturizing soap recipes are meticulously developed to produce a smooth, nourishing soap for the skin and hair that provides long-lasting foam and leaves your skin clean, soft and radiantly healthy, your hairr gets silky, shiny, and clean and your scalp healthy, clean and natural.

Rosemary is the queen and the king when it comes to hair and scalp. It is, in general, an excellent tonic for hair and scalp, helping to strengthen the hair, stimulating the follicles and fighting dry and scaly scalp, helping to reduce dandruff. It is also known to work against hair loss and aging.

Nettles are valued for their health benefits when taken internally or used externally. In hair care, nettles help combat dandruff, scalp pimples, eczema on the scalp and hair loss. High in vitamins and minerals, nettles help to gently support hair growth.

Every plant is grown and picked with respect and love, in connection with their spirit.

Every product is made in complete devotion to/in the divine in Nature.

Coconut oil - organic
Olive oil - organic and local
Nettles and Rosemary - Picked in Serra do Açor
Water - from the river that runs in Serra do Açor

Size: apx. 100g

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