"Hot moringa" - Moringa Soap

This soap is made with Moringa leafs that come from Moroco, from a beautiful place and a family small business.

Every product is made in complete devotion to the divine in Nature.

Moringa leafs - cared with love in Moroco
Coconut oil - organic
Olive oil - organic and local
Water - from the river that runs in Serra do Açor

Moringa soap - uses:

  • Hair care (zinc, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B, minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, selenium, copper and manganese);
  • Skin care

Size: apx. 100g

I found that my hair loved this soap, because after each use my hair feels and looks very different: smooth and shinning. I don't need to cut it so many times, as it maintains healthy for longer periods of time.

Ângela (Sintra):
I am very happy with the soap! I have never thought and seen so clearly that the care of the body and hygiene can be a plausible experience of adjectivation, but with this soap, it is cleanliness and sobriety. These are the qualities that come to me when I have a shower with it.

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