Saco "I Am You"


I Am You


This phrase came during a daily meditation.

I am You, as You are Me.

Most of us spend most of our time in body comparisons. And, generally, the feeling is that other people's bodies are always better than ours!

Thinner, prettier, gentler, more loving, which catches the eye of potential loving partners, with the most beautiful skin, with less streaks or no streaks, with less hair, more attractive, older, younger, more defined, more this, less that!

A constant dissatisfaction and non-acceptance of what is.

This sentence is an invitation to accept the bodies as they are, mine, yours and everyone's.

Because when you look, with so many conditionings, you look with so many ideas of what you will see.

We often get lost in mundane tasks, letting go of the beauty of the simplicity of that same task. Or a destructive thought, or a thought of superiority or inferiority, or proud actions.

A task is just a task.

An experience is just an experience.

An emotion is just an emotion.

A person is just a person.
A body is just a body.
Simple and pure.

You are you.

I'm me. Simply.

Your body is your body.
My body is my body. Simply.

And our essence is the same.
Pure and loving consciousness.
Full and empty at the same time.
New, always.

Different bodies that come from the same source, the same light, and emanate the same loving nature.

Do you look at your body?
Do you look at the body of others?
Do you look at your body and others with preconceived ideas?
When was the last time you looked at yourself and others and liked what you saw?
Do you enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror, not losing yourself in self-deprecating details?
Do you look like it's the first time you see yourself?

This bag comes from the impulse to share this message, so you can use it and share the same message.


340gr Canvas Bag with long handles, Tote Bag style, 100% cotton.
Bag produced in Portugal.



15.00 €