"Sun delight" - sun screen cream

Favourite Summer Choice

This cream is made with organic butters and locally grown carrot.
Every product is made in complete devotion to the divine in Nature.
When using this cream you protect yourself from the extreme sun, but you enjoy it completely.

Macerated carrot with organic and local olive oil
Organic coconut oil
Organic cocoa butter
Organic shea butter
Neem oil
Organic sweet almond oil
Vitamin E
Zinc Oxid
Organic lavender essential oil
Local bee wax from natural beekeeping

"Sun delight" - sunscreen cream - uses:
- dry skin
- sun protection

Size: 50 mL


"Raquel made a facial sun cream for me according to my skin needs a few weeks back.

Im very happy with this cream. I think it is the best cream I' ve ever had.

The texture is soft and smooth. There are a lot of different oils in it, all organic.

The sun protection is working well.

It smells very good, and my skin does love it. It feels like a very nurturing cream for all the senses."

Katja Schläfli - Switzerland

"Hey Raquel I loveee the cream. 5 stars"

Batu Leon - Cyprus

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