T-Shirt "Em Amor, Gratidão e Entrega"


"Em Amor, Gratidão e Entrega" - In Love, Gratitude and Surrender.


How I intend to be in my daily life.

This phrase came during a daily meditation.

I didn't understand it mentally, but something rested in me and made a lot of sense.

A phrase that is neither mine nor yours.

A phrase that is an invitation, not an obligation.
An invitation to live in love in this body that sustains you.

In deep gratitude for this same body, for life, for the living energy that animates it.

In Surrender to this Love, and to something greater.

Being in that body in service to a Consciousness that is your own essence and nature.

This T-shirt comes with the impulse to share this message, so you can use it and you can share the same message.


When ordering, you can choose between sizes M and L by simply mentioning the desired size in the message.

White organic cotton with water-based silkscreen personalization.
T-shirt made in Portugal.


15.00 €