"Trasgo foam" - Beer soap - triskle

This soap is made with homemade beer.

The beer is brewed with so much love and care by my father (Sesinando). He named his brand "TRASGO", who is a little dwarf. He is from Trás os Montes, in the northwest of Portugal.

The Pine grows around Quinta da Mizarela, an Ashram in Central Portugal.
Every plant is grown and picked with respect and love, in connection with their spirit.
Every product is made in complete devotion to the divine in Nature.
Enjoy the magic of beer, every time that you wash yourself with this soap.

Detach from the trasgo's energy in you! :-)

Dark Trasgo beer - handmade by my father in Vila Nova de Gaia
Coconut oil - organic
Olive oil - organic and local
Pine needles - organic and local
Water - from the river that runs in Serra do Açor

Soap beer - uses:
- Moisturizes
- Fights acne
- Repairs hair

Size: apx. 200g

I found that my skin loved this soap, because after each use my body skin was not dry anymore.

"I ordered the beer soap some time ago and must admit that at first I was a bit skeptical whether it would clean my body properly, sometimes I'm not so sure with handmade products ;-). But the cool thing was, I felt so fresh and clean after every use and didn't smell from my armpits. I sweat a lot and with other handmade soaps I wasn't very satisfied in the past cause I noticed an unpleasant smell even shortly after washing.So this soap really convinced me and I'm looking forward to trying more products from the Awakened Body Shop. Thank you, Raquel!

Sonja Herberth - Germany"

Carla I. (Lisboa) - The beer soap is so organic that I wish I could eat it! It's great for the skin, I used it on my face and it worked very well. I tryed to use it on my hair, but it got smooshy, I didn't like it. But I recommend it completely for the skin.

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