Invitation to breathe.
Breathing deep.
Breathe air.
Breathe life.



There are times when it is obvious that something has to be dropped.

Self Care


The expression "self care" is used a lot now a days. It is not even translated into Portuguese.

Body exercise


This is one of the themes I like to explore, not only with myself but also with others.

Do you experience this?
There is a great potencial in everyone that wants to be materialized. There is action wanting to be real and alive.
So why do you keep insisting that things are not possible, that potential is to stay dormant?
I get you!

Menstrual cups


A very simple title, because it is really about menstrual cups that we are going to talk about and its existential simplicity!

One of this days, I was putting up my clothes to dry in the sun, and after doing so, I stopped and looked around. I had the sensation of looking at this place as if it was the first time I saw it, as if I had first arrived here and absorbed something new.

Who doesn't have a small something hiding in the sleeve for a general malaise that often happens in the family?



You compare.
He She compares.
We compare.
They compare.